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There are over 750 different mutual funds in India today and about 35 different companies that run these funds. So, how will you choose which fund to invest in? Many investors look at past performance and assume that the fund will continue to return the same in the future. This is not always true and can often be wrong

Therefore, we at Bajaj Capital NRI Services are a specialized group of certified and experienced professionals, who offer the most appropriate advice on the product and your investment needs

Our specialized services are based on the well-established principles of comprehensive financial planning, backed by our strong in-house research enabling us to offer customized services to NRI investors.

Four-step Advisory Process

Need Analysis: We analyze & assess your investment objectives including your comfort level with various asset classes and to fulfill a short-term or a long-term goal

Asset Allocation: We determine an optimal mix of asset classes to meet your financial goals.

Portfolio Construction: Based on that asset mix, we build a customized, diversified portfolio of various investment products.  

Ongoing Review: We monitor your portfolios performance, making adjustments as necessary, while communicating with you regularly.  

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